so who's toki ? that's a good question . . .

toki is a sixteen year old boy
[ born on 2001.07.06 ! ]

toki is bisexual, francophone,
and has a cute girlfriend

toki's favourite colour is red
and he really loves red roses

toki is autistic and his special interest is super junior

toki loves 2000s aesthetic and still has a flip phone in 2018

if he didn't love his girlfriend so much toki would hop on a plane to korea and marry kim heechul

toki's fav show is knowing bros

toki likes going to the gym and eating raspberry macarons

toki is an emotionally strong person, an ed fighter, a daydreamer,
a hopeless romantic and a boy with a bad case of wanderlust
. . . but most of all, toki is me !!!!

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